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When I hold my camera, it prolongs my hand and becomes a part of me. I am the happiest then. I find taking pictures very personal and I give it all from myself. When I am convinced about the importance of my vision, the outside world stops existing. I am willing to do anything to achieve the best result possible. Nothing is impossible.
Eventhough being an introverted soul it brings me joy to become very social, empathetic and decisive at work. The right and proper communication with a client and mutual understanding is truly essential. I believe in honesty and open talk.
What I love about working with people is the variety. I focus on photographing women in my personal projects and enjoy exploring both their inner and outer beauty. I undress them literally and metaphorically and every such intimate encounter is an important experience for me.
I am all for accepting challenges while working. At the same time, I always try to be fully aware of my own possibilities and what I am capable to deliver.
What brings me the biggest happiness is a satisfied client, who likes to come back to my photographs.


I shoot with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and lenses Canon 85mm f/1,2 L II USM, Canon 35mm f/1,4 L II USM and Sigma 24mm f/1,4 DG HSM Art.

Currently living in Prague but loving to travel anywhere. I usually provide the result burnt onto a DVD.

The following prices are purely a guide, I try to meet any wish.

  • weddings – from the mornings preparation until evenings fun, around 12 hours: £400 (or you can choose lower cost option for £200 including arrival of guests, the ceremony and group shooting)
  • personal character – portraits, families, soon to be mothers, couples, nudes – 1-2 hours: £100
  • any other pricing is individual – please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask anything you need to know

Analog shooting is also possible (Canon, Zenit, Polaroid).

You can find more of my work on my blog:  http://karolinacermanova.blogspot.cz/
or FB: https://www.facebook.com/fotocermanova/

There are three shots picturing sausages and a ham in section Portfolio -> Food. The ownership belongs to Devro plc and they can’t be reproduced.